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Chicken Freezing Before Spiral IQF


CFF - Full freezing Tunnel


Whole Squid Frezing in CFF Freezing Tunnel

Contact - Freezer & Hardener

Starfrost’s Contact freezer utilises highly effective plate freezing principles. The two options, model Contact Hardener & Contact Freezer can harden product surfaces before the final freezing process, maintain shape and eliminate belt marks or fully freeze larger products by utilising an overhead air cooling system. The tunnel features a thin polyethylene film conveyor belt. This passes over a plate containing refrigerated pipes and provides one of the fastest and most efficient freezing processes known.

The Contact Hardener is ideal for freezing the underside of raw meats and poultry, as well as wet or delicate seafood products such as fish fillets, scallops, octopus and squid.
The Contact Freezer can be used for the full freezing of a wide variety of products that might be delicate or require "No belt mesh" freezing. Applications also include the freezing of puree or juice.

Key Features of our Contact Freezers:

  • Product surfaces quickly hardened to a depth of around 1mm
  • Improves product presentation and quality
  • Helps reduce product dehydration
  • Increases value of soft and traditionally difficult food products
  • Long operation between defrosts
  • Film conveyor provides the most hygienic system possible
  • Optional overhead air cooling system for total product freezing

For more detailed information and technical specification on our Contact Freezer or Hardener, please complete our enquiry form and request  a brochure pack by clicking here