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Glacier - Spiral Freezer

The Glacier is a total inline freezing and chilling solution from Starfrost and Star Refrigeration, combining a Spiral Freezer and refrigeration plant in one complete energy efficient package.

The Glacier System takes the latest in spiral freezer/chiller technology from market leader Starfrost and combines with the latest in ‘green’ refrigeration plants from refrigeration market leader Star Refrigeration, to deliver a single source solution at a competitive price.

Glacier is suitable for freezing or chilling a wide range of food items. Each Glacier package is designed, manufactured and installed to meet individual customer requirements, with dual-purpose freeze/chill operation available.

The spiral part is delivered as modules for fast site assembly whilst the refrigeration package can be delivered in one piece and installed in an existing plant room or inside it’s own weatherproof housing outside the factory.  All pipe and electrical connections between the two pieces of equipment are included and commissioned together for maximum piece of mind.

Key benefits of the Glacier Spiral Freezer range include:

  • The Green Solution - Glacier uses ammonia refrigerant, a naturally occurring fluid that combines excellent operating efficiency with zero environmental impact in terms of ozone depletion and global warming.
  • Reduced Operating Costs - Glacier components have been selected with a focus on optimising operating efficiency. Coupled with the excellent refrigeration properties of ammonia, Glacier delivers a low operating cost solution. This translates to lower £ per tonne of product operating cost compared to other solutions on the market. Further efficiency enhancing options include reverse cycle defrost, condenser fan inverter control and high grade heat recovery.
  • Uptime - Simplicity of design leads, minimal maintenance requirements and the option of reverse cycle defrost maximise uptime for freezing/chilling product.

For more detailed information and technical specification on our Glacier Spiral Freezers, please complete our enquiry form and request  a brochure pack by clicking here