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Impingement -

Starfrost’s Impingement Freezer Range features single and twin belt tunnels with a variety of belt widths available to suit customer loading requirements and factory space availability.  Varying the belt widths allows for shorter wider tunnels or longer narrower tunnels to be selected for the same capacity.

The Impingement Freezer is built as standard with all stainless steel internal structure and seam welded self draining floor system.  The system is designed for extended run times between defrosts, with easy access for cleaning and servicing.

Our Impingement tunnels offer a true cryogenic freezing alternative with typical 18 month payback. Similar weight loses to cryogenic freezing are possible due to the fast freezing of the product.

We also believe in selecting exactly the right air velocity for the application to achieve best quality product at lowest investment and operating costs.  We therefore offer a variety of airspeeds ranging from high velocity to extreme velocity systems. Our unique design includes features to maximise the impingement effect on a range of product heights.

Other options such as single and twin belts with reversing direction, stainless steel or plastic belts and different levels of Clean-In-Place systems are available.

Typical applications of the Starfrost Impingement Freezer are:

  • Crust freezing meat logs of regular and irregular size
  • Re-freezing fish fillets and other seafood after glazing
  • Full freezing of flat products such as fish fillets and burgers
  • Pre-conditioning steamed, cooked and fried products

For more detailed information and technical specification on our Impingement Freezers, please complete our enquiry form and request a brochure pack by clicking here