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Flat Belt IQF Freezer


Multi Belt freezing Tunnel


Hygienic Design - Flat Belt Tunnel

Hybrid - Inline Tunnel

Starfrost’s Starlite HT (Hybrid Tunnel) is a highly versatile, multi-belt IQF freezing & chilling system. It combines the look of a fluidised bed tunnel with the airflow characteristics of a Spiral Freezer, and can also be upgraded to a high air velocity impingement system for rapid crust freezing or full freezing a range of products.

The Starlite HT Hybrid Tunnel is ideal for upgrading from static blast freezing to continuous in-line IQF processing, or for diversifying or expanding production. It can be adapted to glaze, harden, chill, freeze or thaw a wide range of food products including seafood, meat, poultry, bakery, dairy products, fruit and vegetables.

Key Features of our Starlite HT Hybrid Tunnel:

  • Single belt for crust hardening applications
  • Fast and efficient cooling with multiple level conveyor belts
  • Belts can operate independently at various speeds or on a cascade principle
  • Low maintenance with a fully accessible stainless steel design
  • Design provides rapid freezing with lowest power consumption
  • Adjustable air speed for controlled processing of light and delicate products
  • Full freezing up to 600 kg/hr and chilling, hardening or re-freezing to in excess of 4,000 kg/hr
  • Cost effective alternative to running a cryogenic nitrogen tunnel freezer

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