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Spiral Freezer & Chiller


Compact site built and packaged spiral systems with horizontal or vertical airflow.

The Helix Spiral is available as a Spiral Freezer, Spiral Cooler, Spiral Chiller or Spiral Ambient System, either in site built and compact assembled format . It is suitable for freezing and chilling food that requires medium to long retention times, such as ready meals, poultry, pizza, potato products, fish, desserts, bakery products and ice-cream.



Designed with low maintenance, ease of hygiene and operational efficiency in mind. The vertical or horizontal air circulation systems features unique IQF technology that ensures all products are chilled or frozen evenly without excessive air speeds that can damage delicate products. A variety of design options are available to extend operating periods between defrosts.


Custom Designed

Starfrost can design, construct and install a Helix Freezer or Chiller system exactly to your requirements. Not be hindered by confined factory spaces, belt width, direction or configuration. Standardised components made of stainless steel ensure easy and rapid site assembly.


The design and construction enables modification of conveyor belt tiers, and tier pitch, thus providing greater flexibility to our customers.



Benefits of Helix Spiral Freezer & Chiller 


  • Low tension, flat belt design for ultimate durability
  • Processing capacity of up to and over 8,000kg/hr
  • Single and double drum, as well as twin belt systems available
  • Range of belt sizes and tier heights available
  • Multitude of belt entry/exit combinations
  • Innovative frost tolerant designs for extended run times
  • Touch screen control and PLC to maximise performance
  • Range of Clean in Place (CIP) automated sanitising systems
  • Sequential and rapid defrost systems available
  • Frost Removal System (FRS)


The Glacier


A total inline freezing and chilling solution

Combining a Helix Spiral Freezer and refrigeration plant in one complete energy efficient package from Starfrost and Star Refrigeration. 



The spiral is delivered as modules for fast site assembly whilst the refrigeration package can be delivered in one piece and installed in an existing plant room or inside its own weatherproof housing outside the factory. 



  • The Green Solution - Glacier uses ammonia refrigerant, a naturally occurring fluid that combines excellent operating efficiency with zero environmental impact in terms of ozone depletion and global warming
  • Reduced Operating Costs - Glacier components have been selected with a focus on optimising operating efficiency. Coupled with the excellent refrigeration properties of ammonia, Glacier delivers a low operating cost solution. This translates to lower £ per tonne of product operating cost compared to other solutions on the market. Further efficiency enhancing options include reverse cycle defrost, condenser fan inverter control and high grade heat recovery.
  • Uptime - Simplicity of design leads, minimal maintenance requirements and the option of reverse cycle defrost maximise uptime for freezing/chilling product.

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