The British Frozen Food has launched its annual Frozen Food Report, revealing that in 2021 sales of frozen food increased by 13.5%. The report highlights performance, challenges and innovation within the frozen food industry, it also contains an industry overview from Lauren Stephenson at Starfrost and Dr Robert Lamb at Star Refrigeration. “Awareness of the benefits of using natural refrigerants within UK food industry in terms of sustainability is very prevalent today.
At Starfrost, we have identified a significant increase in demand for long term low carbon cooling solutions, with our customers choosing spiral freezers and IQF systems that operate with natural refrigerants, such as CO2 and ammonia. We have also seen expansion and development in production of frozen high value ready meals, meal ingredients and meat free products.” Lauren Stephenson Marketing Manager, Starfrost “BFFF members will be aware of the critical role that refrigeration plays in ensuring food safety and security throughout the cold chain. Operating efficiency is key to lowering energy consumption and meeting future commitments in the transition to net zero.
Star Refrigeration focuses on using natural refrigerants (ammonia and carbon dioxide) and the latest refrigeration technology to deliver solutions that set new benchmarks in efficiency for cooling and opportunities for waste heat recovery to support the decarbonising of heating. Our use of remote data analysis and proactive approach to preventative maintenance ensures optimised, reliable performance over the refrigeration systems life.” Dr Rob Lamb Group Marketing and Sales Director, Star Refrigeration To view the report, please visit: BFF Frozen Food Report  For more information regarding BFFF membership, please visit: JOIN BFFF NOW


British Frozen Food Federation launches Frozen Food Report