Dadas BV Inline IQF Tunnel for plaice fillets

Dadas BV - Inline IQF Tunnel for plaice fillets

The Customer

Dadas BV is a wholesale supplier of seafood based in Urk Holland, a family run business that has rapidly become a market leader in high quality fish products.


The Requirement

The plaice filleting company scheduled an expansion of a new fillet-freezing and frozen storage facility, which now operates under the name ‘Diepvries Holland BV’.

The seafood processor required a specific freezing process, freezing directly after filleting for reduced drip & weight loss and increased product quality.


The Solution

Starfrost custom-designed a Hybrid Inline IQF Tunnel  for Dadas BV, following successful product trials on the test unit at the UK manufacturing facility.  The all stainless steel clean-by-design IQF freezer was delivered to Urk in 2 separate, large sections, joint together on site allowing for a quick installation.

The new in-line IQF freezing system has a total freezing capacity of 1,200kg per hour and has enabled Dadas/Diepvries to increase freezing capacity in their group of clients.

The freezer is an updated, increased capacity version of the Starfrost Hybrid currently installed at Platvis Holland BV (Edam) that has been in operation since 2003.


The Design

The Starfrost Hybrid is ideal for upgrading from manual batch loading blast freezing to continuous in-line IQF processing, or for diversifying or expanding production.

It can be adapted to harden glaze, chill or freeze a wide range of food products including seafood, meat, poultry, and bakery.

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