Vadilal Industries - Fluidised Freezer for IQF fruit and vegetables

Vadilal Industries - IQF Fludised Tunnel with FRS system for fruit and vegetables

The Customer

Vadilal is recognised as one of the pioneers of the frozen food export market in India, including processed vegetables, fruit, ready meals, snacks, ice cream and desserts.  Vadilal’s processing plant is located at Dharampur, in the state of Gujarat.


The Requirement

An inline freezer was required by the customer, for individual quick freezing of large quantities of various loose products, and careful handling of wet and delicate food items.


The Solution

The Vadilal Turbo IQF Fluidised Tunnel (L 8.6m x W 4.5m x H 4m) was custom designed and built at Starfrost’s UK manufacturing facility in Suffolk.  The freezer has a modular format that allows shipment in standard freight containers and also enables rapid site assembly.

The Fluidised Tunnel is designed for individual quick freezing of 3,000 kg/hr of green peas.  The versatile in-line freezer is also being used to process various quantities of fruit and vegetables, such as diced fresh mango, papaya, okra, sweetcorn and strawberries.

Ambient products entering the Fluidised Tunnel are quickly frozen to the required temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius in an innovative two-stage freezing process.  An initial crust freezing zone features a cascading conveyor belt with variable control agitation to ensure continuous IQF separation.  The product then transfers to a deep fluidised bed for final freezing.  Airflow can be infinitely adjusted to provide perfect freezing conditions.


The Design

The Vadilal IQF Fluidised Tunnel is fitted with a Frost Removal System, enabling the freezing tunnel to achieve continuous operation in excess of 22 hours, ensuring maximum line efficiency. In addition, the freezer has an insulated enclosure and all stainless steel structure with fully welded floor for ultimate hygiene.  

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