Wrights Pies - Spiral Freezer for pies and ready meals

Wrights Pies Helix Freezer for pies and ready meals

The Customer

Wrights is one of the UK’s leading bakeries and foodservice suppliers.  The company has a constantly expanding portfolio of frozen unbaked and baked products, including ready meals, party food, snacks, cakes, thaw and serve desserts and traditional pasties and pies.

Its £20million bakery complex in Crewe, East Cheshire, is capable of producing over five million frozen savoury products every week.  A family business since 1926, Wrights blends traditional cooking methods with the latest manufacturing technology.


The Requirement

Wrights was looking to upgrade from static blast freezing on a baked savoury pie line, to a fully automated in-line freezing system.  In addition, the company wanted to link the freezing system to a brand new line of uncooked ready meals from a separate production area.


Our Solution

Starfrost designed a Helix Spiral Freezer for Wrights with a processing capacity of 1,500 kg/hr.   The Helix features a 30inch wide conveyor belt with 24.5 tiers spiralling upward around a single rotating drum, giving an effective belt length of 375metres. A dual in-feed conveyor belt design allows both ready meals and pies to be processed simultaneously, with separate control panels for each product line.


Ian Hopwood, Engineering Manager, Wrights

“Starfrost offered a competitively priced spiral freezer, combining energy efficient operation with long run times and a hygienic low maintenance design.  Starfrost built the freezing system to meet our exact specifications, enabling us not only to expand pie production, but also to launch a new line of ready meal solutions.”

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