# Crust Plate Freezer - Starfrost
Premium product qualityStarfrost’s Contact freezer utilises highly effective plate freezing technology that maximises product quality and reduces freezing time. Contact Hardener & Contact Freezer can crust freeze product surfaces before the final freezing process, eliminate belt marks, maintain shape and appearance, as well as fully freeze products. Freeze FastThe Contact features a thin polyethylene film conveyor belt, this passes over a refrigerated plate that provides one of the fastest and most efficient freezing processes.  Eliminate belt markingThe Contact Hardener surface freezes the underside of high value products, minimising drip loss and maximising yield.  Ideal for crust freezing raw meats and poultry, as well as wet or delicate seafood products such as fish fillets, scallops, octopus and squid. The Contact Freezer can be used for the total full freezing of a wide variety of products that might be delicate or require no belt marking, it maintains product shape and appearance and improves overall quality.  Adaptable Both the Hardener and Freezing systems can be designed to freeze of liquids and semi-solids such as sauces and purees, giving ultimate flexibility within your processing line. Features  Product surfaces quickly hardened to a depth of around 1mm Improves product presentation and quality Helps reduce product dehydration Increases value of soft and traditionally difficult to freeze food products Long operation between defrosts Film conveyor provides the most hygienic system possible Can be used before final freezing process to prevent product sticking Overhead freezing system with evaporator available  Hover Effect Ideas Inspiration for subtle hover effects Crust freezer freezing scallops for Seafood processor View more View of production line featuring Contact cooler at UK bakery View more Contact cooler processing cookies, to reduce the temperature being bakery products are packaged View more 3D Model of Contact Crust Freezer View more Contact Crust Freezer processing of poultry products . The freezer hardens the underneath of the delicate product to prevent belt marking View more Contact Crust Freezer processing cooked rice View more Contact Cooler in bakery factory View more Contact Crust Freezer 3D model View more Contact Crust Freezer View more