We build cooling solutions for every food product and sector, that includes food for animals too. One of Starfrost’s latest projects, currently in construction, is a Helix Spiral system for one of the UK’s largest manufacturer of pet food.
This Spiral Freezer and Cooler installation adds to our expanding portfolio and positions us as the leading supplier of IQF equipment for pet food manufacturers based within the UK.
The highly efficient spiral system will cool and then freeze pet food products in pouches, this is one of the most energy efficient and hygienic methods of temperature reduction and product freezing, using air as the cooling medium.
The twin drum Helix spiral will freeze approximately 140 pouches per minute and has been designed with a Clean in Place system, featuring our latest technology advancements which deliver the highest levels of hygiene whilst significantly decreasing water usage.
We work in partnership with our customers to deliver cooling solutions that are custom designed to suit all processing needs and unique requirements. If you have any cooling requirements or would like to find out more, please get in touch: E contactus@starfrost.com T 01502 562206 W www.starfrost.com


Helix Spiral Freezer and Cooler for pet food manufacturer