Have you considered an automated Clean in Place System for your freezing and chilling equipment? A Starfrost Clean in Place (CIP) System delivers a repeatable, cost effective method of cleaning and sanitising, which can be retrofitted into existing IQF & spiral systems. Latest advancements in our CIP technology have enabled a reduction of water usage from 100 litres per minute to 8 litres per minute. The innovative new design delivers the highest hygiene levels whilst decreasing the volume of detergent and sanitiser, meaning a cost effective solution for your business.  We have created a standard range of CIP systems that can be tailored to match product and production requirements, to guarantee the ideal solution and providing complete flexibility to you. The key benefits of our hygienic solutions: Improvement in hygiene and food safety levels Fully controlled with a touch screen Significant reduction in water usage Reduced labour costs Increased production time Maintained equipment reliability Hygiene is of utmost importance, now more than ever. Food processors have to ensure the highest levels of hygiene are adhered to within their production lines. Get in touch to find out how we can assist you with improving cleaning performance within your processing line. contactus@starfrost.comT 01502 562206W