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Efficient. Flexible. Custom Designed.

For over 30 years, Starfrost have been providing innovative freezing and chilling solutions for the global food processing industry.

Our range of IQF & Spiral systems are designed to optimise quality, enhance energy efficiency and deliver maximum return on investment. Whether there is a requirement for higher volume production, individual quick freezing or delicate product process, Starfrost has an effective, efficient solution.

We understand the challenges faced within the food industry, our experienced team of experts deliver solutions for every food sector, designed to each customer’s specification.

  • Helix

    Spiral Freezer & Chiller

    Compact site built and packaged spiral systems with horizontal or vertical airflow.

  • Velocity

    IQF Impingement Freezer

    Versatile IQF Freezer to harden, chill, freeze using single configuration.

  • Turbo

    IQF Fluidised Tunnel

    Modular twin belt system with innovative technology for fluidised IQF food product.

  • Hybrid

    Inline IQF Tunnel

    Efficient Tunnel Freezer with flexible multi belt design for quick, cost-effective freezing.

  • Contact

    Plate Freezer & Hardener

    Instant crust design with a non-stick belt to eliminate belt marks and increase product yield.

  • Carton

    Freeze & Chill Tunnels

    Air blast based system provides uniform conditioning for cartoned product.

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