Natural refrigeration

Azane - the natural alternative to synthetic refrigerants

The Natural Choice

Combining exceptional efficiency, ultimate flexibility and market leading quality, Azanefreezer is the natural solution for food processing applications, suitable for Helix spiral freezer or Hybrid tunnel freezer systems.

The phase down of high global warming refrigerants will lead to uncertainty over which synthetic refrigerants will be permitted in the future, what their availability will be and how much they will cost.

Azanefreezer has been developed to provide a long term alternative to synthetic refrigerant solutions. It uses ammonia, a naturally occurring fluid that has zero direct global warming effect and is widely available at low cost. 



Azanefreezer is based on low pressure receiver technology pioneered by Star Refrigeration more than 40 years ago to deliver optimum efficiency and low refrigerant charge. This technology is incorporated within a factory built package that simplifies site installation.

Azanefreezer packaged refrigeration units are specially designed to deliver flexible and efficient cooling. Both installation and maintenance are quick and easy, while a robust, high quality construction ensures maximum system longevity.



The simplicity of installation and low operating costs deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.

Straightforward installation with no machinery room required

Rooftop or ground mount options available

Integrated air-cooled condenser eliminates water usage, chemical treatment and sewer costs

Easy maintenance access

All components which require regular maintenance are located within the package

No need for refrigerant pumps

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Refrigeration and spiral freezer 5.jpg

Spiral freezer processing pizza bases at UK bakery, using ammonia

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Refrigeration 6.jpg

Azane Freezer using ammonia refrigeration

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Refrigeration and Spiral freezer 1.jpg

Spiral freezer processing ready meals

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Refrigeration 7.jpg

Internal view of Azane refrigeration pack

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Refrigeration and spiral freezer 2.jpg

pizza bases on infeed of spiral freezer

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Refrigeration 4.jpg

Installation of Azane Freezer featuring spiral freezer

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Spiral Freezers.jpg (1)

Spiral Freezer 3D model

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Spiral Freezer.jpg

Twin drum spiral freezers 3D model

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Spiral freezer 3D model

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