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IQF Impingment Freezers

VELOCITY - fast freezing IQF tunnel with high speed dual direction airflow

Rapid freeze

Starfrost IQF impingement freezers feature high velocity airflow technology for rapid IQF (individual quick freezing) of food products. The Velocity freezes the surface of products fast, minimizing dehydration loss and enhancing food quality and presentation.

Designed as a single belt tunnel that is available in a variety of widths to suit process loading requirements and factory space conditions. Our experienced technical team will advise on specification, varying the belt widths of the impingement freezer will allow for shorter wider tunnels or longer narrower tunnels can be selected for the same capacity, ensuring a system that fits within your business.


Impingement freezing is most suited to flat shape products, such as hamburgers and seafood, and provides the ideal solution for food manufacturers looking to progress to a continuous freezing process or requiring an increase or diversity in production.


A key feature of our impingement freezers is hygiene, designed to be easily accessible for cleaning and servicing, as well all featuring an all stainless steel construction with seam welded, self-draining floor system.


Cost effective
The Velocity impingement freezer is not only capable of extremely quick IQF, it offers low capital and operating costs. With significantly lower costs than cryogenic freezing, the impingement freezer can deliver an 18-month payback in comparison to a nitrogen tunnel.    



Quick, cost-effective freezing of flat products

Crust freezing meat logs of regular and irregular size

Re-freezing fish fillets and other seafood after glazing

Full freezing of flat products such as fish fillets and burgers

Pre-conditioning steamed, cooked and fried products

Cost effective alternative to cryogenic nitrogen freezing 


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Impingement freezer  2 Potato Waffles.JPG (1)

Impingement freezer processing fried products, potato waffles

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Impingement freezer 1.jpg

External view of infeed of Impingment Freezer

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Impingement freezer 4.jpg

3D model of single belt Impingement freezer

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Impingement freezer for bacon

Impingement freezer processing bacon for meat producer in UK

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Impingement Freezer

Internal view of Impingement Freezer belt

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Impingment tunnel

External view of Impingement Freezer

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Inline IQF Tunnel 4.jpg (2)

Impingement Freezer infeed view

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C578 07.jpg

Internal view of impingement freezer

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Inline IQF Tunnel 2.jpg

Impingement freezer freezing prawns at seafood facility

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