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IQF Impingement freezer


Fast freezing IQF Tunnel with high speed dual direction airflow.  

Starfrost’s IQF Impingement Freezer features high Velocity airflow technology in a single belt tunnel that is available in a variety of widths to suit process loading requirements and factory space conditions. Varying the belt widths allows for shorter wider tunnels or longer narrower tunnels to be selected for the same capacity.



The Velocity is ideal for food manufacturers looking to progress to a continuous freezing process or requiring an increase or diversity in production. 



The IQF Impingement Freezers are all stainless steel construction and seam welded with self draining floor system. The system is designed for extended run times between defrosts, with easy access for cleaning and servicing.


Cost effective

Our Impingement tunnels are capable of extremely quick IQF, with a typical 18 month payback when compared to cryogenic freezing. 


  • Crust freezing meat logs of regular and irregular size
  • Re-freezing fish fillets and other seafood after glazing
  • Full freezing of flat products such as fish fillets and burgers
  • Pre-conditioning steamed, cooked and fried products
  • Cost effective alternative to cryogenic nitrogen freezing  

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