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Innovative IQF freezing solutions

Our Products

Starfrost offer an extensive range of freezing and chilling solutions for every food application. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the food industry, allows us to work with you to select the most suitable process for your business. 

Each IQF & spiral system is custom built around the requirements of our customers, to exact specification and food product characteristics for a tailor made solution. View our cooling equipment range below or get in touch to discuss a project in further detail. 

HELIX Spiral Freezers, Chillers & Coolers

High performance and high efficiency spiral technology

Energy efficient

Hygienic design

Small factory footprint

Superior product quality

Reliable operation

TURBO IQF Fluidised Tunnel

Innovative IQF technology for fluidised food product

24 hour production

Modular construction

IQF fluidised technology

High yield

Innovative design

HYBRID Inline IQF Tunnel

Efficient tunnel freezer for quick, cost effective freezing

Low maintenance

Energy saving design

Rapid freezing

Bespoke conveyors

Consistent IQF

CONTACT Plate Freezer & Hardener

Instant crust freezer that eliminates belt marks & increases product yield

Superior product quality

Hygienic reusable belt

Rapid freezing

Adaptable to freeze or harden

No belt marking

VELOCITY IQF Impingement Freezer

Fast freezing IQF tunnel with high speed dual direction airflow

Cryogenic alternative

Fastest freezing process

Flexible design

Reduces product dehydration

Low operating costs

CARTON Freeze & Chill Tunnels

Air blast system for uniformed chilling or freezing of carton product

Single Retention Time (SRT)

Designed to accommodate varying product types and carton sizes that require the same chill or freeze time.

Multiple Retention Time (MRT)

An automatic air blast based system that provides flexibility to apply different cooling regimes for groups of products.

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