Spiral Freezers, Chillers & Coolers

HELIX high performance and high efficiency spiral technology

Energy Efficient

Low operating costs

Space Saving

Small factory footprint

Hygienic Design

Accessible, clean design

High Performance

Long operating times
Double Drum Spiral Freezer
Packaged Spiral Freezer
Spiral Freezer
Spiral Freezer processing bread loaves for bakery production


Starfrost spiral systems are flexible by design, custom built as spiral freezers, chillers or coolers.

The Helix’s high performance continuous cooling reduces both surface and core temperature of individual food products to provide consistent production results. Featuring intelligent ‘guided airflow’ technology which delivers circulated air, either vertically or horizontally, without subjecting delicate items to excessive air speeds.

Helix spiral systems are suitable for freezing and chilling packaged and unpackaged food that requires medium to long retention times, such as ready meals, poultry, pizza, potato products, fish, desserts, bakery


We work together with each food processor to understand production and product requirements, ensuring a solution that precisely meets specification and delivers optimal operating performance.

Custom built by our expert engineers, the Helix spiral range offers total flexibility to each production line. Site built and compact assembled format options provide solutions for an extensive range of food products in both low and high capacities, not restricted by confined factory spaces, belt width, direction or configuration. As well as multiple design and control options available such as double drum or single drum and low tension or direct drive conveyor belts.

Double Drum Helix Spiral Cooler installed for a UK bakery

High Performance

The reliable, innovative construction of each Starfrost spiral system ensures system longevity and maximum performance. Each spiral design is focused on low maintenance, ease of hygiene and operational efficiency, with a variety of design options available to significantly extend operating periods between defrosts up to 14 days.

Future Proof

The design and construction enables modification of conveyor belt tiers and tier pitch to suit future developments and expansion to support our customers business progression.

View of the evaporator inside the Spiral Freezer

Double Drum

A twin drum site built highly efficient spiral system, which can freeze large quantities of products within a limited space, maximising production area. Designed with a continuous spiral conveyor belt that allows for low infeed and low outfeed options.

Single Drum

A single drum site built high performance spiral system. The flexible and innovative design allows for a variety of width options together with different infeed and outfeed orientation to suit processing and production requirements.

Compact packaged

A pre-built, compact single drum spiral system. Delivered to site completely assembled and ready to operate for installation ease and reduced production downtime. Available with multiple conveyor belt width, configuration and material options.

Refrigeration packages

Working with Star Refrigeration, we can offer a total solutions package with refrigeration plant. As well as working with other industrial refrigeration providers for seamless integration. All our low temperature equipment is flexible by design adaptable for low charge ammonia or CO2 systems.

External view of Spiral Freezer infeed conveying ready meals


Energy efficient
low operating costs combined with maximum performance

accessible, clean design with deep clean sanitising systems available

Simple, intelligent controls
touch screen operation with product recipe selector options

Small factory footprint
for both low and high capacities with compact site built or packaged systems

Superior quality
efficient, consistent freezing for highest product quality results

robust construction with low maintenance design

Spiral Cooler cooling scones at UK bakery

Spiral Freezer external view walk through

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