A Starfrost Helix Spiral Chiller has been in operation for over 18 years at a UK based bakery before requiring any component replacement or major maintenance; indicating the significant benefits of reliable and durable design combined with regular aftercare servicing. British equipment manufacturer Starfrost supplied and installed the Helix spiral chiller at a UK bakery alongside two additional chilling systems in 1999. Starfrost’s technical engineers worked together with the customer to deliver service training and advice, allowing the bakery to generate a preventative service programme which has been strictly adhered to. The Helix spiral chiller continues to operate with the original belt and has required no major maintenance since manufacture 18 years previous. In a typical freezing or chilling installation, it is expected to replace drum bar and belt wearstrip following 10 years of round-the-clock performance, clearly demonstrating the benefit of regular aftercare and service within the bakery’s maintenance regime. The bakery recently called upon freezing and chilling specialist Starfrost to perform the machines first wearstrip replacement since installation. Starfrost’s technical engineering team completed the drum bar wearstrip project within a strict time frame of 24 hours, enabling the bakery to resume usual production the next day. Succeeding the efficiency of the wearstrip operation, the Starfrost team were commended by the customer for their efforts in ensuring minimal downtime within the processing facility. David Maude, Service Manager at Starfrost says: “We consider preventive maintenance an important part of any productive maintenance programme. The customer’s spiral chiller has achieved over 18 operational years without the need for any major maintenance, confirming the significant benefits of protecting an investment by servicing equipment correctly and on time.” David continues: “Starfrost’s equipment is designed for dependability and robustness; this combined with preventative maintenance allows maximum machine performance, increased uptime and even greater operational life.” The Helix Spiral Chiller has been designed with ultimate durability and reliability in mind, this results in a very robust system necessary for the extreme conditions in which the machine has to perform. All components are selected with a focus on optimising longevity, coupled with operating efficiency and low maintenance, delivering a low cost freezing solution with measurable payback.