Our expert engineers are installing a Helix Spiral Freezer and Hybrid IQF Tunnel for a seafood processor in Africa.The dual freezing system has been custom designed for the new processing line to increase product capacity, performing a specific freezing process for fish fillets in two stages.The highly efficient Helix Spiral Freezer delivers deep product freeze prior to glazing. It features innovative IQF technology for consistent freeze of the seafood products, providing optimum product quality with the lowest possible operating cost.The Hybrid IQF Tunnel, a single belt system for rapid and effective glaze hardening. Once frozen in the Helix Spiral Freezer the seafood products are covered with a protective glaze that requires final freezing. This process increases yield, preserves texture and flavour of the seafood products as well as eliminates damage of the delicate fish fillets for maximised product quality and shelf life.The Hybrid IQF tunnel is ideal for upgrading from static blast freezing to continuous in-line IQF processing, or for diversifying or expanding production. The Hybrid IQF tunnel is part of an inline tunnel range, which can include high air velocity impingement system for rapid crust freezing or full freezing a wide range of products. For further information on this installation project, or to discuss your cooling requirements, get in touch.  contactus@starfrost.comT 01502 562206W www.starfrost.com