Watch out for the ‘ice cream’ episode on Wednesday 9th February at 9pm on BBC2 and BBC IPLAYER to see Gregg Wallace investigating how Mackie’s of Scotland makes Honeycomb ice cream and a behind the scenes tour of the Starfrost Helix spiral freezer.

Viewers will be given the inside scoop following Gregg Wallace’s visit to the Aberdeenshire farm business, where he helped make some of Mackie’s of Scotland’s famous real dairy ice cream in Honeycomb flavour, from milking the cows to filling and freezing the tubs in the Helix spiral freezer.

The Inside the Factory episode on Ice Cream shows Mackie’s “Sky to Scoop” ethos, which sees it manage each stage of the process on site, using renewable energy from their wind turbines to power the ice cream dairy.

A key part of the visit was the exclusive glimpse inside Mackie’s new Starfrost double drum spiral freezer, where a togged-up Gregg and the crew stepped inside the freezer – despite the temperature of – 35 C to watch the tubs of ice cream being frozen and learn why it is important to freeze the ice cream mix quickly and efficiently, to ensure that the final product is created with the desired smooth texture.

The Helix spiral freezer designed, manufactured and installed by Starfrost has enhanced the quality of the ice cream produced at the dairy. The quality benefits have been proven by scientists, who recently put Scotland’s best-selling ice cream brand under the microscope, to understand the impact of the new state-of-the-art spiral freezer system on the smoothness of Mackie’s ice cream, the results were smoother texture and creamier taste of the ice cream.

‘Inside the Factory’ is a BBC Two production that has been running since 2015, showcasing all things manufacturing. Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey get exclusive access to some of the largest factories in Britain to reveal the secrets behind production on an epic scale.

Tune in to BBC2 or BBC IPLAYER  on Wednesday 9th February at 9pm to watch the episode.

Visit Mackie’s of Scotland website for more information about the ‘Inside the Factory’ episode:

Read more about the spiral freezer project and how it has improved ice cream taste and texture of Mackie’s of Scotland ice cream –

Kirstin Mackie, Development Director at Mackie’s of Scotland:

“We are busy making ice cream here on a working farm – it’s not a visitor centre and it can be difficult to show people around the business. We loved the experience of working through this and having Gregg and the filming crew up to see us and we hope that viewers will enjoy learning more about Mackie’s.”


Starfrost Helix spiral freezer installed for Mackie’s of Scotland features in the latest episode of ‘Inside the Factory’ on BBC2.