Norway based Leroy Seafood has invested in a highly efficient and innovative freezing system from IQF equipment experts, Starfrost. The Helix spiral freezer has enabled the seafood processor to increase production of its seafood products by more than 30%. Leroy Seafood Group is a world-leading seafood corporation with multiple operations along the coast of Norway as well as across Europe. The company distributes a wide range of seafood products to over 80 different countries, supplying supermarkets, restaurants, canteens and hotels. Increased demand of its seafood products led Leroy Seafood to explore new IQF technology for the seafood industry and seek to invest in freezing equipment that would enable the firm to increase production capacity at its facility in Melbu, Norway. UK freezer manufacturer Starfrost, previously installed a spiral freezer for Leroy Seafood over 18 years ago. Leroy Seafood relied on Starfrost to design and manufacture a spiral freezer once more when looking to make another investment in IQF equipment for its fish fillet processing line. The newly installed spiral freezer from IQF equipment specialists Starfrost is a leap forward in design, efficiency and ease of maintenance. In comparison to its replacement, the spiral freezer has a 50% larger belt area and has been designed to operate with the same fan power, the result for Leroy Seafood is a significant increase in product output with zero increase in energy use. The custom designed spiral freezer features a Clean in Place (CIP) system that delivers automated cleaning and sanitising throughout the freezing system. Latest advancements in Starfrost’s CIP technology enables a substantial reduction of water usage whilst achieving the highest levels of hygiene standards.   Ronny Holen, Engineering Manager at Leroy Seafood, Norway discusses the expansion project and what difference the Starfrost spiral freezer has made to production: As a world leading seafood processor, bringing innovation to the seafood market is always a top priority at Leroy Seafood Group. When we required more capacity of our seafood products, it was a great opportunity to invest in a new freezing system that featured the latest in IQF technology, bringing benefits to both our business and our customers. We trust Starfrost as experts in the field of freezing and were keen to work with the team again to support our latest project.   We required a spiral freezer to increase output of our frozen fish fillets, we also had a great need for a quick installation to ensure we were were ready to begin production in time for the seafood season. Starfrost delivered on each one of our requirements and we are extremely satisfied with the performance of the spiral freezer which has streamlined processes at our facility. Starfrost exceeded all expectations and we were impressed with the service delivered to us and commitment to the project. Starfrost engineers ensured production was ready within a very strict and short timeframe, whilst delivering exceptional standards of health and safety throughout the installation. Our newly installed spiral freezer is fully automated and operates continuously, this has allowed a reduction in production hours and labour while delivering a much greater production capacity of more than 30% of our seafood products. Starfrost manufactured and installed the spiral freezer for Leroy Seafood which has been designed to freeze 1100kg per hour of vacuum packed fish fillets. The spiral freezing system features innovative IQF airflow technology, which delivers consistent freeze to the seafood products, providing Leroy Seafood Group with optimum product quality and maximum freezer performance. To find out more about this project or to discuss Starfrost’s cooling technology, please contact us T: 01502 528306   W: E: