Working with our parent company Star Refrigeration, we have combined exceptional efficiency, ultimate flexibility and market leading quality.The Azanefreezer is the natural refrigeration solution for food processing applications, suitable for Starfrost’s Helix spiral freezer or Hybrid tunnel freezer systems.The phase down of high global warming refrigerants will lead to uncertainty over which synthetic refrigerants will be permitted in the future, what their availability will be and how much they will cost.Azanefreezer has been developed to provide a long term alternative to synthetic refrigerant solutions. It uses ammonia, a naturally occurring fluid that has zero direct global warming effect and is widely available at low cost. The Azanefreezer delivers a range of benefits: Natural refrigerantEnergy efficientEffective coolingHigh performanceLow operating costsGet in touch with our team of experts for further informationE contactus@starfrost.comT 01502 562206W