Clean in Place Systems from Starfrost  Clean in Place (CIP) Systems are high pressured, automated cleaning systems, that deliver a repeatable, cost effective method of cleaning and sanitising your IQF or Spiral equipment. The system targets multiple areas that require regular cleaning to maintain efficient operation and required hygiene levels within your facility. Reduce downtime, increase production As the system is fully automated, manual labour is reduced, letting you get back to production promptly with the benefits of consistent cleaning results.  Flexible and adaptable Fully controlled with a HMI screen, its easy to use functions can be set to precise times and sequences. There are also varying levels of sophistication available, to suit requirements, providing complete flexibility to you. Retrofitted to an existing system Starfrost can design new IQF & Spiral system installs to include a CIP system or it can be fitted to existing freezing & chilling equipment by our technical team of experts. We offer training programmes individually tailored to your process that ensure your engineers are competent operating your equipment. To discuss decreasing cleaning time and improving cleaning performance within your processing line, get in touch to find out how we can assist you. Talk to the experts T  +44 (0) 1502 562206 E W