We design innovative upgrade solutions, shaped around system longevity and performance to improve and optimise your processing line.  We work alongside our customers to deliver a bespoke service. When there are industry changes or product developments we are here to work with to find the solution, no matter how big or small your project. We deliver expert technical IQF solutions for achieving optimum product quality, increasing energy efficiency, modify product output or advise on the accompanying refrigeration system. Optimisation examples  Frost removal system: eliminate frost build up and extend operational hours with a FRS system, allowing you to operate for longer between defrosts. Clean in place systems: reliable automated cleaning process of varying levels that suit you, delivering consistent results whilst reducing water consumption. Touch control screens: easy to use, intelligent control systems that can select pre-set recipe programmes for ultimate flexibility. System adaptions: We can modify IQF & spiral systems with belt or layout modifications to meet new demands of your product and production developments. If you have an upgrade enquiry, please call Starfrost Service on +44 (0) 1502 562206  Service Enquiry