Hangana Seafood Contact Crust Freezer for fish fillets

Hangana Seafood - Contact Crust Freezer for fish fillets

The Customer
Hangana Seafood, a subsidiary of Ohlthaver & List Group, produces frozen hake fillets and formed hake products from fresh fish landed by its own fleet of trawlers based in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

The Requirement 
The company sought technological advancements in freezing when its existing freezing process wasn’t producing seafood products that met internal quality standards.


The Solution 
Starfrost designed and installed a Contact Crust freezer that utilises highly effective plate freezing technology for maximised product quality and reduced freezing time. The crust freezer features a thin polyethylene film conveyor belt which passes over a refrigerated plate, delivering high speed crust freezing that handles the firm’s skinless hake loin portion delicately. The crust freezer enabled Hangana to achieve a significantly higher quality yield whilst reducing production time and increasing capacity.


Pedro Sanchez, Factory Manager at Hangana Seafood
“We chose to work with Starfrost because of the superiority of their equipment as well as their ability to work with us, tailoring a system that was bespoke to our processes. We were looking improve the quality of our IQF products and increase the amount we produce, as our previous system bottlenecked production.

The Starfrost freezing system has completely surpassed expectations, streamlining processes within our factory. It has enabled us able to deliver consistent, quality products that we can depend upon, which to us as a business is the most invaluable benefit we could gain from our processing equipment.

The freezer maintains the natural shape and appearance of our IQF products, with no belt marking, providing us with high quality and yield, and enabling us to deliver a premium quality product to our customers. The flexible design of the system gives us room to grow and increase capacity, which is vital for any business looking to the future.”

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