IQF Inline Tunnels

HYBRID - continuous, cost effective freezing


High velocity airflow with impingement freezing


Extremely low power consumption


Custom designed belt options


Maximises yield for premium IQF products
IQF Freezers showing airflow direction
IQF Freezer 3D model internal view
IQF Freezer
Multibelt IQF Freezer for poultry processor featuring a vibrating infeed bed to ensure product segregation

Flexible Design

The Hybrid is built with flexibility in mind, it can be adapted to freeze, chill, glaze harden and pre cool a wide range of food products including seafood, meat, poultry, bakery, dairy products, fruit and vegetables.

Starfrost Hybrid inline IQF tunnels are a highly versatile IQF systems that combine the design of a Turbo fluidised bed tunnel with the airflow characteristics of a Helix spiral freezer.

Energy Efficient

Advancements in our mechanical freezing technology and design deliver fast freezing and highest quality IQF, this provides food processors a new generation of mechanical freezing equipment.

Removing the requirement for nitrogen freezing, the compact Hybrid IQF Tunnel system delivers extremely rapid and effective freezing times at significantly lower costs than cryogenic freezing, with a typical 18-month payback when compared to a cryogenic freezer.

External view of IQF Freezer installed at UK meat manufacturer

Bespoke Solutions

The single or multi belt design provides an ideal solution for upgrading from static blast freezing to progress to continuous in-line IQF processing, or for diversifying or expanding production.

Custom Built

In addition to rapid continuous automated cooling, the Hybrid can be custom designed for the glaze hardening of delicate products. The glaze hardening process increases yield, preserves texture and flavour of delicate products together with eliminating damage for maximised product quality and shelf life.

External view of IQF Freezer out-feed conveyor belt


  • Fast and efficient cooling with multiple level conveyor belts
  • Belts can operate independently at various speeds or on a cascade principle
  • Adjustable air speed for controlled processing of light and delicate products
  • Full freezing up to 600 kg/hr and chilling, hardening or re-freezing to in excess of 4,000 kg/hr
  • Cost effective alternative to running a cryogenic nitrogen tunnel freezer


Low maintenance
With a fully accessible stainless steel design

Design provides rapid freezing with extremely low power consumption

Rapid freezing
Dual direction air delivering the fastest freeze process available

Bespoke belt options
Conveyors can operate independently at various speeds or on a cascade principle

Air technology
Adjustable air speed for controlled processing of light and delicate products

Hybrid IQF Tunnel Freezer freezing various food applications

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