Starfrost’s expert engineers have had an exciting weekend visiting Mackie’s of Scotland, but not to sample their deliciously smooth and creamy ice cream. Instead, they have conducted a planned service inspection on the spiral freezer installed at the dairy.

Just like your car needs an MOT to ensure everything is running smoothly, our engineers meticulously examined the freezer to ensure it’s operating at its best. Freezers and chillers, like any machinery, require regular maintenance to perform optimally. Our comprehensive inspection encompassed electrical and mechanical checks, safety and hygiene assessments, and even an oil change in the gear box driving the freezer.

As with all our service inspections, a detailed analysis report on the freezer’s condition has been delivered to Mackie’s, including any recommendations or insights identified by our engineers.

At Starfrost, we understand the importance of smooth production processes. We believe that regular servicing is a proactive approach to ensure uninterrupted operations, reducing the chances of unplanned downtime. That’s why we offer service contracts and preventative maintenance programs designed to cater to specific production requirements, offering you greater visibility into your production needs and peace of mind for those critical processing lines.

If you’re seeking professional freezer maintenance, Starfrost offers total support solutions, delivered by experts. Contact Us today for all your freezer maintenance needs.

Starfrost Service Engineers Visited Mackie’s of Scotland Dairy for Spiral Freezer Inspection