Starfrost has been awarded a contract to supply adi Projects Limited with a high performance Helix spiral chiller for cooling ready meals. Working in collaboration, Starfrost, our parent company Star Refrigeration and adi Projects will deliver a complete cooling solution to the end client, Branston Ltd, that includes the Helix double drum spiral chiller and a pumped ammonia refrigeration system.

The large capacity Helix spiral chiller incorporates an advanced steam defrost system, a unique feature exclusively offered by Starfrost. This innovative system ensures rapid and effective defrosting, resulting in reduced downtime and boosting overall productivity.

To optimise space within the processing plant, the highly efficient spiral chiller features a double drum design, allowing for increased throughput capacity. Its continuous spiral conveyor belt facilitates a low infeed and low outfeed layout, maximising production area.

The Star refrigeration package is tailored to meet Branston’s cooling needs not only for the spiral chiller but also for other areas within their high and low care processing factory. The pumped ammonia refrigeration system provides cooling to the ready meal spiral chiller as well as to a new glycol circuit serving the temperature-controlled storage, the steam peeling process, low care cook house, high care cook house and high care areas.

The implementation of this comprehensive turnkey solution ensures efficient and reliable cooling throughout the facility, including all food manufacturing processes. It offers a versatile and cost-effective solution that meets the food processors requirements. Additionally, the use of ammonia, a natural refrigerant with zero global warming potential, supports the company’s sustainability efforts, bringing it closer to meeting its net-zero goals.

Starfrost Secures Contract to Provide Helix Spiral Chiller for Ready Meal Cooling